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interdependent open culture gallery


Ascociace pro performance a publikování v digitálních médiích


Association for performance and publishing in digital media


Služby a občina

Services and commons

Publishing tools and gallery space available via registering accounts are provided on "as is" cooperative basis. There is no service and no guarrantee provided. Becoming a member by explanation of your plans or project and agreement on the gallery side can grant you required space and other tools. Members are welcome to donate connectivity, storage space, creative work, volunteer work or money.

Free registration: Hubzilla open social network and CMS (3 channels, 200MB, 100 contacts), Peertube (1GB, moderated publishing) Known members: Hubzilla member status (12 channels, 20GB, 2000 contacts, RSS), Peertube member status (5GB+, unblocked), email, online exhibition webspace, Nextcloud office

Provided by Asociace pro performance a publikovani v digitalnich mediich, o. s.